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Hire a House Cleaning Service? Or I Can Do it Myself!

Posted by Liane Christianson on Mar 23, 2013 4:42:00 PM

As the owner of my own house cleaning service for the past 25 years, I have not always scheduled having my home cleaned.  Why?  My thinking was that I used to clean other peoples homes, so, I can clean it myself!  I have always been an "I can do it myself" kind of person. Maybe that is why I have a very successful house cleaning company that services Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue and Everett areas. 

Can you relate to the "I Can Do It Myself" way of thinking?  Here is the reason I changed my thinking:

  •  My time IS valuable
  • I have other things I like to do MORE
  • I am allergic to hard work  (  ;
  • My schedule is busy and trying to fit in cleaning the house means cleaning my house gets left until last.  
  • I am a perfectionist, and I can't stop myself from getting out the toothbrush  and do more housekeeping when I clean, so it takes much more of the little time I have available.  
  • So.....I tend to put cleaning my house off until "I have more time"!
  • Now, because I DO schedule that cleaning with my house cleaning staff, I get everything picked up and "organized"  before they come, so my house gets picked up on a more regular basis.
  • And saving the best for last:  It MAKES ME VERY HAPPY to come home to a clean house from a long day at work.  And best is crawling into clean sheet on a bed I didn't have to make myself.I hired a maid service

There really is not anything better than having a clean home.  It is relaxing, refreshing, reduces my stress and makes my week so much more enjoyable.  You can schedule it only occasionally or regularly.  We have a two-hour minimum for weekly or bi-weekly cleaning so if you only want a bathroom and kitchen done – that can be scheduled.  On larger houses, a full cleaning cannot get done in 2 hours.  Two-hour cleanings are for very small houses (one bath), apartments and only partial cleaning of a larger home.

When you open the door to your house when coming home from work or having a day out with the kids, wouldn't it be nice to open that door to a clean house that smells good.  We look forward to hearing from you about getting your house cleaned.  Click here for a free house cleaning estimate.

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House Cleaning Service Blog. What is Maid Maddie Saying Now?